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I believe this unit is far superior to any existing units. It is remarkably accurate, even in wet canals. It is one tenth of the size and about half the price of competing units. Goodbye analog technology! This unit with digital technology is clearly a superior product.
— Dr. Gary Carr, San Diego, CA
The Rider is truly great. I have compared it to a Root ZX and a Justwo with radiographic confirmation. It is significantly more accurate (21 cases) than RZX. Its precision, reproducible readings, make accurate working length determination straight forward which results in improved shaping and cleaning outcomes.
— Dr. Neville McDonald, Head of Endodontics, University of Michigan
The recent improvement to the Rider format is a most significant advance in endodontic technology. The ability to mount the NRG EAL on the handpiece and receive accurate readings in real-time, adds an important measure of safety and confidence to rotary endodontic procedures.
— Dr. Nachum Stone
Overall, I believe that this product is an excellent tool, being handy, user-friendly and precise. Moreover it becomes useful when using rotary endodontic handpieces to improve safety and accuracy of root canal preparation.
— Prof. Dolt. Gianluca Gambarini, Universita di Roma

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